from 5,82 €

Description: A slightly pre-finished, good-quality substrate suitable for all who want to regulate nutrients with liquid fertilizers. For rapid root development and dynamic growth. Suitable for plants grown in pots and containers.

Product code: bblight20

Manufacturer: Biobizz Worldwide SL

Biobizz ALL-MIX

from 8,23 €

Description: 100% organic substrate for potato growers and good soil lovers. It contains 20% peat, 35% peat garden, 10% organic fertilizer (worm-humus), 30% pearlite and 5% BioBizz Pre-Mix.

Product code: bball20

Manufacturer: Biobizz Worldwide SL

Biobizz COCO-MIX

11,98 €

Description: Coco-Mix is an organic substrate that can be used in combination with special organic coconut-based nutrients.

Product code: bbcoco50

Manufacturer: Biobizz Worldwide SL

Biobizz PRE-MIX

from 16,49 €

Description: 100% organic loose fertilizer that contains a mixture of trace elements and essential nutrients. Activates microbiological life in soil. For perfect growth, rich flower and maximum resistance to pests and mold infestation.

Product code: bbpre5

Manufacturer: Biobizz Worldwide SL

Description: 100% organic fertilizer from Californian earthworm excrement. To digest the substrate or to revive the substrate already used.

Product code: bbworm40

Manufacturer: Biobizz Worldwide SL