NTS Timer D electronic ballast 600W

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Description: Digital ballast with built-in digital timer with adjustable on / off switch-off at intervals of 1-23 hours.

Product code: P00149

Manufacturer: NTS

Lumatek CMH 315W digital kit

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Description: Lumatek CMH 315W electronic ballast with CMH 315w AGRO discharge lamp and adapter for easy connection to standard shades with E40 socket.

Product code: luul315wkit

Manufacturer: Lumatek

Description: Lumatek Pro 1000W, 400V is designed for 400V HPS Double Ended lamps. Very high and efficient power, 600-1100W regulation without fluctuations.

Product code: lubal1000w400v

Manufacturer: Lumatek

Description: Lumatek Ultimate Pro has the main priority in powering both 240V and 400V lamps. The ballast derives the lamp and therefore supplies it with the necessary voltages.

Product code: luultimatebal

Manufacturer: Lumatek

Description: The Lumatek Twin 2x 600W ballast allows two lamps to be used at one time. Each lamp has its own power switch and controller. Works with all MH and HPS lamps.

Product code: lubal2x600w

Manufacturer: Lumatek

Electronic switchable ballast LUMATEK

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Description: Lumatek electronic ballasts are among the top-of-the-line digital ballasts on the market. They are very quiet and powerful, they have less power consumption.

Product code: lubal250w

Manufacturer: Lumatek

Super-Lumens 600w

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Description: The SuperPlant Super-Lumens electronic ballast with a 250, 400, 600w and 660w switch, microprocessor-mounted (GIP). Suitable for HPS and MH lamps.Test and certified by DEKRA laboratory.

Product code: 1113

Manufacturer: Superplant