Fertilizers, stimulants and other support from a wide range of world-renowned manufacturers. In this category you can choose from fertilizers suitable for peat and coconut substrates as well as hydroponic cultivation.

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Metrop RhizoXtremMetrop RhizoXtrem

Metrop RhizoXtrem

from 26,07 € 32,39 €
Thanks to its unique composition based on seaweed and plant extracts, the new RhizoXtrem not only supports root development, but also acts…
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Metrop SetMetrop Set

Metrop Set

from 88,11 € 100,12 €
Starter Set is Metrop starter kit fertilizers.
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Metrop Additive ENZYMES

Metrop Additive ENZYMES

from 15,65 € 18,20 €
Metrop Additive ENZYMES are special protein molecules that accelerate a range of biochemical processes in any medium.
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Metrop AminoXtremMetrop AminoXtrem

Metrop AminoXtrem

from 19,14 € 22,25 €
AminoXtrem contains high quality amino acids and vitamins necessary for inflorescence.
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Metrop MR2Metrop MR2

Metrop MR2

from 19,14 € 22,25 €
The basic fertilizer Metrop MR2 for the flower phase.
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Metrop MR1Metrop MR1

Metrop MR1

from 19,14 € 22,25 €
The basic fertilizer Metrop MR1 for growth and initial flower phase.
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from 19,14 € 22,25 €
A fertilizer of high nitrogen and calcium to support the strength and vitality of the plant.
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Metrop MAM 8Metrop MAM 8

Metrop MAM 8

from 27,02 € 30,36 €
Concentrated fertilizer designed specifically for mother plants.