Fertilizers, stimulants and other support from a wide range of world-renowned manufacturers. In this category you can choose from fertilizers suitable for peat and coconut substrates as well as hydroponic cultivation.

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Atami ATA Coco Max A+BAtami ATA Coco Max A+B

Atami ATA Coco Max A+B

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from 9,64 € 12,53 €
ATA Coco Max A and B contain all the essential ingredients for optimal growth and flower. The combination of ATA Coco Max A and B…
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Atami ATA RootbasticAtami ATA Rootbastic

Atami ATA Rootbastic

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from 10,44 € 13,74 €
ATAMI Ata Rootbastic is a highly concentrated supplement that ensures proper development of the root system of the plant. This means a…
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Atami B´cuzz Silic BoostAtami B´cuzz Silic Boost

Atami B´cuzz Silic Boost

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from 14,09 € 16,58 €
B'cuzz Silic Boost is a stable silicone product in a form suitable for plants and is therefore an excellent addition to regular care of…
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Atami ATA CalMagAtami ATA CalMag

Atami ATA CalMag

from 3,61 € 4,01 €
Atami ATA CalMag is a nutritional supplement that will give plants the necessary calcium and magnesium. Ensures optimal plant growth…
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Atami ATA Rootfast

Atami ATA Rootfast

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from 10,54 € 12,12 €
ATAMI ATA Rootfast is a 100% biological root stimulator enriched with essential nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Supports…
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ATAMI Bio-Defence 1+2

ATAMI Bio-Defence 1+2

from 19,95 € 23,47 €
ATAMI Bio-Defense 1 + 2 is a biological protection that increases plant resistance to mold or pest infestation. Also suitable for…
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from 9,33 € 12,12 €
ATAMI ATA Clean is a product designed to clean irrigation systems.
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from 20,32 € 25,09 €
ATAMI ATA-XL is a 100% natural growth and flower stimulator, supports strong and healthy growth of root system and stem, rich, dense…
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ATAMI B'Cuzz Root StimulatorATAMI B'Cuzz Root Stimulator

ATAMI B'Cuzz Root Stimulator

from 7,67 € 10,09 €
ATAMI B'Cuzz Root Stimulator supports the development of the root system, helps to build a strong immune system, increases resistance to…
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ATAMI B'Cuzz Tabzz

ATAMI B'Cuzz Tabzz

from 4,80 € 6,85 €
ATAMI B'Cuzz Tabzz is a flowering accelerator in the form of effervescent tablets for faster absorption. It can be used as a replacement…
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ATAMI BloombasticATAMI Bloombastic

ATAMI Bloombastic

from 9,31 € 12,93 €
ATAMI Bloombastic is a mixture of biominerals and biostimulators suitable for the flowering and aging phase.
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ATAMI Terra MaxATAMI Terra Max

ATAMI Terra Max

from 8,18 € 10,90 €
ATAMI Terra Max is a complete, easily soluble flower fertilizer. Suitable for soil substrates, indoor and outdoor cultivation.
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ATAMI ATA Terra LeavesATAMI ATA Terra Leaves

ATAMI ATA Terra Leaves

from 7,63 € 10,90 €
ATAMI ATA Terra Leaves is a complete, easily soluble growth fertilizer. Suitable for soil substrates, indoor and outdoor cultivation.
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from 10,61 € 14,15 €
ATAMI ATA PK 13-14 is a supplemental fertilizer in the flowering period for all cultivation methods.
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ATAMI B'Cuzz Hydro A+BATAMI B'Cuzz Hydro A+B

ATAMI B'Cuzz Hydro A+B

from 9,60 € 13,34 €
ATAMI B'Cuzz Hydro A + B is a two-component biomineral fertilizer designed for cultivation in hydroponic systems.
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ATAMI B'Cuzz Coco A+BATAMI B'Cuzz Coco A+B

ATAMI B'Cuzz Coco A+B

from 10,40 € 13,34 €
ATAMI B'Cuzz Coco A + B is a two-component biomineral fertilizer created for coconut cultivation.
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ATAMI B'Cuzz Soil A+BATAMI B'Cuzz Soil A+B

ATAMI B'Cuzz Soil A+B

from 10 € 13,34 €
ATAMI B'Cuzz Soil A + B is a two-component biomineral fertilizer designed for growing in the soil.