Fertilizers, stimulants and other support from a wide range of world-renowned manufacturers. In this category you can choose from fertilizers suitable for peat and coconut substrates as well as hydroponic cultivation.

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BioBizz MicrobesBioBizz Microbes

BioBizz Microbes

73,62 €
BioBizz Microbes is a complete mixture of bacteria, enzymes and fungi for the overall support of the plant and the enrichment of life in…
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Biobizz Acti-veraBiobizz Acti-vera

Biobizz Acti-vera

from 6,90 € 8,96 €
The product formerly known as "Product-X" is a new addition to BioBizz. This stimulator is based on extracts from Aloe Vera plant and, in…
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BioBizz Try-Pack StimulantBioBizz Try-Pack Stimulant

BioBizz Try-Pack Stimulant

26,40 € 31,06 €
Affordable set of BioBizz stimulants and stimulants, suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation as well as for classical substrates and…
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BioBizz Try-Pack OutdoorBioBizz Try-Pack Outdoor

BioBizz Try-Pack Outdoor

13,96 € 15,51 €
Basic set of BioBizz fertilizers, containing essential ingredients for successful outdoor cultivation.
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BioBizz Try-Pack IndoorBioBizz Try-Pack Indoor

BioBizz Try-Pack Indoor

13,96 € 15,51 €
Basic set of BioBizz fertilizers, containing essential ingredients for successful indoor cultivation.
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BioBizz Starter PackBioBizz Starter Pack

BioBizz Starter Pack

67,77 € 89,18 €
Complete set of BioBizz fertilizers and accessories for organic cultivation. The set contains everything you need to achieve a high quality…
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BioBizz Leaf-CoatBioBizz Leaf-Coat

BioBizz Leaf-Coat

from 8,87 € 11,83 €
Spray made of natural latex for increased resistance to fungal diseases and pests. Reduces excessive evaporation of water.
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BioBizz TopmaxBioBizz Topmax

BioBizz Topmax

from 8,16 € 10,60 €
Organic flower stimulator with three effects - increasing the size and weight of fruits and flowers, promoting natural sweet taste and…
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BioBizz Alg-A-MicBioBizz Alg-A-Mic

BioBizz Alg-A-Mic

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from 5,86 € 7,33 €
Alg-A-Mic protects the plant from stress factors such as over-fertilization, insufficient watering, temperature fluctuations and more. In…
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BioBizz Root JuiceBioBizz Root Juice

BioBizz Root Juice

from 12,47 € 17,56 €
An effective and widely used root stimulator of 100% organic origin for the maximum volume of the root system.
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BioBizz BioHeavenBioBizz BioHeaven

BioBizz BioHeaven

from 17,06 € 23,70 €
BioHeaven is composed of amino acids and organic stimulators that help absorb nutrients, support chlorophyll production and generally…
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BioBizz Fish-mixBioBizz Fish-mix

BioBizz Fish-mix

from 3,08 € 4,05 €
Basic organic fertilizer combining natural sugars and fish emulsion, used in the growth and flowering stages. Also suitable for reviving…
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BioBizz Bio-BloomBioBizz Bio-Bloom

BioBizz Bio-Bloom

from 3,48 € 4,46 €
Basic organic fertilizer with a high content of phosphorus and potassium for a lush flower and rich fruiting.
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BioBizz Bio-GrowBioBizz Bio-Grow

BioBizz Bio-Grow

from 3,08 € 4,05 €
Basic organic fertilizer based on natural sugars, used in the growth and flowering stages.