Fertilizers, stimulants and other support from a wide range of world-renowned manufacturers. In this category you can choose from fertilizers suitable for peat and coconut substrates as well as hydroponic cultivation.

No Mercy Gibberellic spray

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from 19,30 €

Description: Supportive Herbal Stimulator No Mercy Supply Gibberelic is a chemically made floral hormone gibberelin.

Product code: NMGS100

Manufacturer: No Mercy

Atami ATA Rootbastic

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from 10,41 €

Description: ATAMI Ata Rootbastic is a highly concentrated supplement that ensures proper development of the root system of the plant. This means a strong and branched root system that facilitates the absorption of nutrients.

Product code: AT-RB50ML

Manufacturer: Atami B.V.

Atami B´cuzz Silic Boost

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from 13,89 €

Description: B'cuzz Silic Boost is a stable silicone product in a form suitable for plants and is therefore an excellent addition to regular care of their nutrition. Silicon has a firming effect on plants which reduces the susceptibility to abiotic stresses such ...

Product code: atsilb50

Manufacturer: Atami B.V.

G.E.T. Umph Power - leaf spraying

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from 9,75 €

Description: Umph Power is sprayed onto plant leaves. It begins to run from the 3rd week of flowering, but at least 4 days after Power to Bloom.

Product code: getumph30

Description: Power Thrive is an original Canadian solution of vitamin B1 - a nutrition for plants that positively affects growth, healthy plant appearance, makes your plants bloom like never, and increases yields. Power Thrive - the first B1 vitamin product based ...

Product code: getpt250

G.E.T. Neem Oil - protective oil

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from 16,36 €

Description: Neem is the best natural pesticide and at the same time a fertilizer that repels pests. It contains 40 different active ingredients called tetranortriperperoids, more precisely limonoids. These limonoids cause hormonal disorders and prevent food ...

Product code: getneem250

Atami ATA CalMag

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from 3,44 €

Description: Atami ATA CalMag is a nutritional supplement that will give plants the necessary calcium and magnesium. Ensures optimal plant growth because the elements play a vital role in cell wall formation and light energy absorption. It is suitable for all ...

Product code: atclmg250

Manufacturer: Atami B.V.

Atami ATA Rootfast

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from 11,57 €

Description: ATAMI ATA Rootfast is a 100% biological root stimulator enriched with essential nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Supports high-quality root system development. Plants are able to absorb more nutrients and become more resistant to ...

Product code: AT-RF250ML

Manufacturer: Atami B.V.

APTUS Startbooster

from 13,11 €

Description: APTUS Startbooster is a 100% organic root and growth stimulator. Stimulates the growth of roots and whole plants, improves soil microflora, increases soil fertility.

Product code: 132-50

Manufacturer: IB.ECO BV

Description: ATAMI B'cuzz Blossom Builder Liquid is a flower booster designed for a better fruit structure.

Product code: AT-BBL50ML

Manufacturer: Atami B.V.

Canna Cannazym

from 8,09 €

Description: Cannazym is a set of over 12 different enzymes, vitamins and desert plant extracts.

Product code: 412-250

Manufacturer: CANNA International BV

APTUS Topbooster

from 14,27 €

Description: APTUS Topbooster is an organic flower stimulator supplemented with ripening maturation compounds containing ingredients for the formation of large flowers and fruits with a higher content of sugars and oils.

Product code: 133-50

Manufacturer: IB.ECO BV

Description: Enzymes + from the Natural Power series to improve nutrient intake by the plant and improve the condition of soil substrates.

Product code: AHENZ025

Manufacturer: Advanced Hydroponics of Holland BV

Canna Rhizotonic

from 16,21 €

Description: Canna Rhizotonic is a 100% natural root stimulator (seaweed extract) suitable for soil cultivation and hydroponics.

Product code: 414-250

Manufacturer: CANNA International BV

Metrop MAM 8

from 27,04 €

Description: Concentrated fertilizer designed specifically for mother plants.

Product code: 181-250

Manufacturer: Agrotechniek Metrop

APTUS Enzym+

from 8,86 €

Description: APTUS Enzyme + is a mixture of several types of enzymes with different functions - it maintains the surface of the roots clean, scraps dead organic matter and root residues, converts mineral salts to more easily absorbable substances, stabilizes EC ...

Product code: 134-50

Manufacturer: IB.ECO BV

Description: Root Stimulator from Natural Power to support the development of the root system and hence the entire plant.

Product code: AHRTST025

Manufacturer: Advanced Hydroponics of Holland BV

CANNA Bio Rhizotonic

from 16,98 €

Description: CANNA Bio Rhizotonic is a root stimulator suitable for cuttings, weak plants and plants after shock.

Product code: 415-250

Manufacturer: CANNA International BV

Metrop Calgreen

from 21,24 €

Description: A fertilizer of high nitrogen and calcium to support the strength and vitality of the plant.

Product code: 182-250

Manufacturer: Agrotechniek Metrop


from 8,86 €

Description: APTUS Super PK is a flower stimulator, stimulates flower production and increases the strength and compactness of the resulting products.

Product code: 139-50

Manufacturer: IB.ECO BV

Description: Growth / Bloom Excellerator from Natural Power is an effective stimulator for the early phase of flowering.

Product code: AHGRBL025

Manufacturer: Advanced Hydroponics of Holland BV

Canna Boost

from 26,27 €

Description: Canna Boost is a flower stimulator for making fuller and dense flowers and fruits. It is suitable for all growing media.

Product code: 416-250

Manufacturer: CANNA International BV

Metrop Root+

from 21,24 €

Description: Root and Growth Stimulator Metrop Root+.

Product code: 184-250

Manufacturer: Agrotechniek Metrop

APTUS Fulvic-Blast

from 6,54 €

Description: APTUS Fulvic-Blast is used to detoxify plants and complete the necessary trace elements. It removes the plant from accumulated salts and breaks down heavy metals. It stimulates the conversion of carbohydrates to sugars.

Product code: 144-50

Manufacturer: IB.ECO BV