Fertilizers, stimulants and other support from a wide range of world-renowned manufacturers. In this category you can choose from fertilizers suitable for peat and coconut substrates as well as hydroponic cultivation.

APTUS Fulvic-Blast

from 6,57 €

Description: APTUS Fulvic-Blast is used to detoxify plants and complete the necessary trace elements. It removes the plant from accumulated salts and breaks down heavy metals. It stimulates the conversion of carbohydrates to sugars.

Product code: 144-50

Manufacturer: IB.ECO BV

Plagron Alga Grow

from 6,57 €

Description: Plagron Alga Grow is an organic fertilizer for growth. Suitable for growing in soil.

Product code: 331-250

Manufacturer: Plagron - Bertels B.V.

BIOTABS Boom Boom Spray

from 3,46 €

Description: Boom Boom Spray is a 100% organic biostimulant containing natural amino acids, peptides, sugars and minerals. It helps to overcome stress, it adds nitrogen to the plant, which helps photosynthesis, stimulates the growth and absorption of minerals.

Product code: 542-5

Manufacturer: BIOHORTI SL. BioTabs

APTUS Humic-Blast

from 6,57 €

Description: APTUS Humic-Blast is an organic soil fertility enhancer that stimulates the root system and thus assists the absorption of nutrients.

Product code: 145-50

Manufacturer: IB.ECO BV

Plagron Alga Bloom

from 6,96 €

Description: Plagron Alga Bloom is an organic fertilizer for the flowering period. Suitable for growing in soil.

Product code: 332-250

Manufacturer: Plagron - Bertels B.V.

Bio Nova Micromix

from 11,24 €

Description: Bio Nova Micromix is a blend of chelated trace elements in a balanced ratio important to a variety of biological processes in the plant.

Product code: 607-250

Manufacturer: Bio Nova BV

Metrop MAM 8

from 27,19 €

Description: Concentrated fertilizer designed specifically for mother plants.

Product code: 181-250

Manufacturer: Agrotechniek Metrop

APTUS All-in-One Liquid

from 4,47 €

Description: APTUS All-in-One Liquid is a 100% mineral fertilizer for a growth period suitable for all growing media. It does not change its pH at different pHs, maintains a stable EC value.

Product code: 147-50

Manufacturer: IB.ECO BV

Plagron Start Up

from 13,19 €

Description: Plagron Start Up is an organic growth fertilizer that combines the effects of root stimulator, natural growth hormones, growth nutrients and vitality-enhancing products. Suitable for all growing media.

Product code: 338-100

Manufacturer: Plagron - Bertels B.V.

Metrop Calgreen

from 21,36 €

Description: A fertilizer of high nitrogen and calcium to support the strength and vitality of the plant.

Product code: 182-250

Manufacturer: Agrotechniek Metrop

Metrop Set

from 96,09 €

Description: Starter Set is Metrop starter kit fertilizers.

Product code: 183-250

Manufacturer: Agrotechniek Metrop

Plagron Green Sensation

from 22,91 €

Description: Plagron Green Sensation is a flower stimulator specially developed for the last 4-6 weeks of flowering. Suitable for all growing media - soil, coconut and hydroponics.

Product code: 339-100

Manufacturer: Plagron - Bertels B.V.

Metrop Root+

from 21,36 €

Description: Root and Growth Stimulator Metrop Root+.

Product code: 184-250

Manufacturer: Agrotechniek Metrop

Biobizz Acti-vera

from 7,74 €

Description: The product formerly known as "Product-X" is a new addition to BioBizz. This stimulator is based on extracts from Aloe Vera plant and, in addition to increasing plant immunity, also supports nutrient intake and other processes.

Product code: 113-250

Manufacturer: Biobizz Worldwide SL

Plagron Vita Race

from 9,30 €

Description: Plagron Vita Race, also known as Phyt-Amin, is a supplemental nutrition with a higher iron content. Increases chlorophyll content, defenses and durability.

Product code: 340-100

Manufacturer: Plagron - Bertels B.V.

Metrop MR1

from 21,36 €

Description: The basic fertilizer Metrop MR1 for growth and initial flower phase.

Product code: 185-250

Manufacturer: Agrotechniek Metrop

Description: ATAMI B'Cuzz Root Stimulator supports the development of the root system, helps to build a strong immune system, increases resistance to diseases and improves overall plant health.

Product code: 215-250

Manufacturer: Atami B.V.

Plagron Pure enzym

from 7,35 €

Description: Plagron Pure Enzyme is a natural enzyme preparation. Suitable for soil and coconut substrates and hydroponics.

Product code: 341-100

Manufacturer: Plagron - Bertels B.V.

Metrop MR2

from 21,36 €

Description: The basic fertilizer Metrop MR2 for the flower phase.

Product code: 186-250

Manufacturer: Agrotechniek Metrop


from 10,08 €

Description: ATAMI ATA Clean is a product designed to clean irrigation systems.

Product code: 220-250

Manufacturer: Atami B.V.

Plagron Power Roots

from 15,13 €

Description: Plagron Power Roots is an organic root stimulator designed for the growth period and the early phase of the flower. Suitable for all growing media.

Product code: 342-100

Manufacturer: Plagron - Bertels B.V.

Metrop AminoXtrem

from 21,36 €

Description: AminoXtrem contains high quality amino acids and vitamins necessary for inflorescence.

Product code: 187-250

Manufacturer: Agrotechniek Metrop

ATAMI Bio-Defence 1+2

from 18,25 €

Description: ATAMI Bio-Defense 1 + 2 is a biological protection that increases plant resistance to mold or pest infestation. Also suitable for prevention.

Product code: 221-50

Manufacturer: Atami B.V.

Plagron Vita Start

from 19,41 €

Description: Plagron Vita Start, also known as Cropmax, is a growth stimulator for nutrition of seedlings, cuttings and mother plants.

Product code: 343-100

Manufacturer: Plagron - Bertels B.V.