Fertilizers, stimulants and other support from a wide range of world-renowned manufacturers. In this category you can choose from fertilizers suitable for peat and coconut substrates as well as hydroponic cultivation.

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Advanced Hydroponics pH UpAdvanced Hydroponics pH Up

Advanced Hydroponics pH Up

from 4,26 €
A preparation for increasing the pH of the nutrient solution both during growth and flowering. The product is only for personal…
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Advanced Hydroponics pH-Down GrowAdvanced Hydroponics pH-Down Grow

Advanced Hydroponics pH-Down Grow

from 3,62 € 3,85 €
A preparation to reduce pH of the nutrient solution during growth. Sales only to legal entities (company / sole trader with ID). The…
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Advanced Hydroponics Enzymes +

Advanced Hydroponics Enzymes +

from 7,68 € 8,72 €
Enzymes + from the Natural Power series to improve nutrient intake by the plant and improve the condition of soil substrates.