Fertilizers, stimulants and other support from a wide range of world-renowned manufacturers. In this category you can choose from fertilizers suitable for peat and coconut substrates as well as hydroponic cultivation.

Rhino Skin

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Product code: P00739-1


from 10,89 €

Description: Sensizym virtually superpowers your plants' 'digestive system' by removing and recycling excess, organic waste and other impurities from the root zone into usable carbohydrates from the growing medium, which then help to form new buds and flowers, ...

Product code: P00738-5

Ancient Earth Organics

from 20,25 €

Description: Ancient Earth Organics OIM is a 100% organic supplement from prehistoric times, which brings your plant all the benefits of both long-chain humic acids, fulvicidal acids, etc.

Product code: P00737-2

Flawless Finish

from 6,20 €

Description: During their lifetime, plants absorb a wide range of compounds and nutrients which, in addition to their positive effects, cause them to form excess salts and other harsh contaminants. Pre-harvest rinsing with Flawless Finish removes at least 85% of ...

Product code: P00736-1

Bud Candy

from 9,72 €

Description: Bud Candy provides plants with an immediate source of glucose and other sugars that maximize the development of terpenoids. It increases the taste, aroma and effectiveness of your fruits..

Product code: P00735-1


from 12,45 €

Description: This unique supplement supplies important nutrients and essential oils in the right proportions during ripening, which is known for the rapid growth in the volume of your flowers, their better taste and color.

Product code: P00734-1

Description: Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra contains high quality calcium and magnesium - plus the ideal ratio of iron, which is needed so that your plants are not stressed by lack of micronutrients.

Product code: P00730-1


from 11,79 €

Description: ''Quick First Aid from AN'' combination of concentrated nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, chelated iron and chelated zinc will allow you to save your plants quickly and effectively.

Product code: P00731-1

Bud Ignitor

from 26,89 €

Description: It’s a scientific fact that the earlier your buds initiate blooming – the bigger they’ll get – because they have more time to grow. Bud Ignitor optimizes this phase by initiating budding 50% faster than before (within 5 days instead of 10 or more aft ...

Product code: P00732-1

Big Bud Liquid

from 13,62 €

Description: During this most important phase, (middle flowering stage) you need not only the right ratio of Phosphorus and Potassium, but also the right amino acids for more volume and quality of flowers. Testing has also shown that L-tryptophan and L-cysteine ...

Product code: P00733-1

Plant ULTRA Plus

2,73 €
from 1,37 €

Description: Plant Ultra Plus - a product for combination with FOCUS fertilizers, designed to improve the life and health of plants that are grown in pots.

Product code: GTPUP-100

Manufacturer: Growth Technology Ltd.


2,73 €
from 1,37 €

Description: Orchid Focus Utra is designed specifically for orchids, it is not directly a fertilizer, but supplementary nutrients - an important component to Orchid Focus Bloom and Grow.

Product code: P00630-1

Manufacturer: Growth Technology Ltd.


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from 25,33 €

Description: Mills' flagship product - A completely unique silicate product that, due to its composition, cannot be manufactured by anyone other than Mills. Only in Mills' laboratories was it possible to extract the liquid form of the purest, highly concentrated ...

Product code: P00555-1

Manufacturer: Mills


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from 32,39 €

Description: A unique means of accelerating inflorescence, also containing stimulants for fruit ripeness and compactness.

Product code: P00554-1

Manufacturer: Mills

Mills C4

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from 32,39 €

Description: A quality mixture of biostimulants, carbohydrates and mineral trace elements created primarily to produce larger fruits with an increased content of essential oils and sugars.

Product code: P00553-1

Manufacturer: Mills


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from 18,22 €

Description: Basic, two-component, highly concentrated, organic-mineral fertilizer Mills.

Product code: P00552-1

Manufacturer: Mills


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from 18,22 €

Description: Basic, two-component, highly concentrated, organic-mineral fertilizer Mills.

Product code: P00549-1

Manufacturer: Mills

Description: The TriPart fertilizer is one of the three basic ingredients of the Flora (TriPart) Series. It contains, in addition to macroprvkov, trace elements in chelated form.

Product code: ghflomictv05

Manufacturer: General Hydroponics


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from 8,94 €

Description: APTUS Super PK is a flower stimulator, stimulates flower production and increases the strength and compactness of the resulting products.

Product code: P00465-1

Manufacturer: IB.ECO BV

African Violet Focus

4,68 €
from 2,34 €

Description: African Violet Focus - fertilizer for African violets and other plants of the underside family

Product code: GTAVF-300

Manufacturer: Growth Technology Ltd.

Bonsai Focus

2,73 €
from 1,37 €

Description: Bonsai Focus - fertilizer for bonsai and all dwarf trees.

Product code: GTBF-100

Manufacturer: Growth Technology Ltd.

Cactus & Succulent Focus

2,73 €
from 1,37 €

Description: Cactus & Succulent Focus - a balanced nutrient solution for cacti and succulents.

Product code: GTCF-100

Manufacturer: Growth Technology Ltd.

Camellia Focus

2,73 €
from 1,37 €

Description: Camellia Focus - fertilizer for camellias and other plants that love acidic environments, such as rhododendrons and azaleas or even blueberries.

Product code: GTCMF-100

Manufacturer: Growth Technology Ltd.

Olive Focus

2,73 €
from 1,37 €

Description: Olive Focus - fertilizer specially developed for growing olives in containers.

Product code: GTOLF-100

Manufacturer: Growth Technology Ltd.