Fertilizers, stimulants and other support from a wide range of world-renowned manufacturers. In this category you can choose from fertilizers suitable for peat and coconut substrates as well as hydroponic cultivation.

Grotek Kick Start

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from 22,45 €

Product code: P00158-1

Manufacturer: Grotek Europe SL

Grotek Insta-Green

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from 10,04 €

Product code: P00134-1

Manufacturer: Grotek Europe SL

Grotek Cal Max

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from 10,43 €

Product code: P00122-1

Manufacturer: Grotek Europe SL

Atami ATA Rootbastic

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from 10,43 €

Description: ATAMI Ata Rootbastic is a highly concentrated supplement that ensures proper development of the root system of the plant. This means a strong and branched root system that facilitates the absorption of nutrients.

Product code: AT-RB50ML

Manufacturer: Atami B.V.

Atami B´cuzz Silic Boost

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from 13,92 €

Description: B'cuzz Silic Boost is a stable silicone product in a form suitable for plants and is therefore an excellent addition to regular care of their nutrition. Silicon has a firming effect on plants which reduces the susceptibility to abiotic stresses such ...

Product code: atsilb50

Manufacturer: Atami B.V.

Atami ATA Rootfast

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from 11,59 €

Description: ATAMI ATA Rootfast is a 100% biological root stimulator enriched with essential nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Supports high-quality root system development. Plants are able to absorb more nutrients and become more resistant to ...

Product code: AT-RF250ML

Manufacturer: Atami B.V.

GHE FloraDuo Grow Soft water

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from 11,98 €

Description: FloraDuo Grow is one of the two components of complete nutrition for your plants. This range of fertilizers is suitable for substrate and hydroponics.

Product code: ghduogromv05

Manufacturer: General Hydroponics

BioBizz Bio-Bloom

from 4,23 €

Product code: bbbloo250

Manufacturer: Biobizz Worldwide SL

APTUS Soil Attack Liquid

from 25,16 €

Description: APTUS Soil Attack Liquid is a 100% organic preparation that prevents problems with soil insects damaging the root system.

Product code: 152-100

Manufacturer: IB.ECO BV

GHE Bio Roots

from 15,47 €

Description: Bio Roots is a 100% organic root activator. Stimulates the development of microorganisms, promotes the growth of roots and roots, strengthens them and is more resistant to diseases and pathogenic fungi.

Product code: ghroot30

Manufacturer: General Hydroponics

Plagron Alga Grow

from 6,55 €

Description: Plagron Alga Grow is an organic fertilizer for growth. Suitable for growing in soil.

Product code: 331-250

Manufacturer: Plagron - Bertels B.V.

GHE BioThrive Bloom

from 12,76 €

Description: BioThrive Bloom is an organic fertilizer designed for the flower phase. Suitable for cultivation in hydroponics, soil, indoor and outdoor.

Product code: ghgoblo05

Manufacturer: General Hydroponics

Grotek Heavy Bud

from 24 €

Description: Heavy Bud is an organic fertilizer designed for the final phase of flowering and fruit formation. Suitable for all types of cultivation, indoor and outdoor cultivation.

Product code: 659-3

Manufacturer: Grotek Europe SL

BioBizz Fish-mix

from 3,84 €

Product code: bbfish250

Manufacturer: Biobizz Worldwide SL

BioBizz Topmax

from 10,04 €

Description: Organic flower stimulator with three effects - increasing the size and weight of fruits and flowers, promoting natural sweet taste and increasing the intake of nutrients by the plant.

Product code: bbtop250

Manufacturer: Biobizz Worldwide SL

GHE Bio Bloom

from 15,47 €

Description: Bio Bloom is a 100% organic flower activator. It can bring nutrients to the plant where they need it, the leaves will be larger and this will improve photosynthesis. By balancing the nutrient supply, you will achieve a larger and healthier harvest.

Product code: ghbloom30

Manufacturer: General Hydroponics

GHE Bio Bud

from 17,02 €

Description: Bio Bud is a flowering stimulant, increases metabolic activity and minerals. Suitable for all substrates and hydroponics, outdoor and indoor cultivation.

Product code: ghgobud05

Manufacturer: General Hydroponics

HESI Super Vit

from 8,69 €

Description: A highly concentrated mixture of vitamins and amino acids, stimulating plant metabolism and overall vitality. Suitable for growing and flowering in all growing media.

Product code: 450-10

Manufacturer: Hesi Plantenvoeding BV

Grotek Pro-Silicate

from 11,21 €

Description: Pro-Silicate is an additional fertilizer solution of potassium silicate. Suitable for all growing media - soil, coconut and hydroponics.

Product code: 660-500

Manufacturer: Grotek Europe SL

BioBizz BioHeaven

from 21,68 €

Product code: bbheav250

Manufacturer: Biobizz Worldwide SL

BioBizz Leaf-Coat

from 9,65 €

Description: Spray made of natural latex for increased resistance to fungal diseases and pests. Reduces excessive evaporation of water.

Product code: bbleafref05

Manufacturer: Biobizz Worldwide SL

Description: Dutch Formula Grow (1) is one of the three basic ingredients, important for growth and the initial phase of flowering.

Product code: AHGRW005

Manufacturer: Advanced Hydroponics of Holland BV

Plagron Alga Bloom

from 6,94 €

Description: Plagron Alga Bloom is an organic fertilizer for the flowering period. Suitable for growing in soil.

Product code: 332-250

Manufacturer: Plagron - Bertels B.V.

HESI Power Zyme

from 9,27 €

Description: Enzymatic preparation to ensure the purity and airiness of the growing media. It strengthens the root system and thus the overall vitality of the plant. It stimulates the microflora and degrades organic waste.

Product code: 451-500

Manufacturer: Hesi Plantenvoeding BV