Fertilizers, stimulants and other support from a wide range of world-renowned manufacturers. In this category you can choose from fertilizers suitable for peat and coconut substrates as well as hydroponic cultivation.

Atami ATA Coco Max A+B

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from 9,33 €

Description: ATA Coco Max A and B contain all the essential ingredients for optimal growth and flower. The combination of ATA Coco Max A and B fertilizers is suitable for the entire life cycle of the plant. It is a professional and fast acting two-component ...

Product code: atacm1

Manufacturer: Atami B.V.

Atami B´cuzz Silic Boost

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from 14,02 €

Description: B'cuzz Silic Boost is a stable silicone product in a form suitable for plants and is therefore an excellent addition to regular care of their nutrition. Silicon has a firming effect on plants which reduces the susceptibility to abiotic stresses such ...

Product code: atsilb50

Manufacturer: Atami B.V.

Atami ATA CalMag

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from 3,48 €

Description: Atami ATA CalMag is a nutritional supplement that will give plants the necessary calcium and magnesium. Ensures optimal plant growth because the elements play a vital role in cell wall formation and light energy absorption. It is suitable for all ...

Product code: atclmg250

Manufacturer: Atami B.V.

GHE FloraDuo Grow Soft water

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from 12,07 €

Description: FloraDuo Grow is one of the two components of complete nutrition for your plants. This range of fertilizers is suitable for substrate and hydroponics.

Product code: ghduogromv05

Manufacturer: General Hydroponics


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from 4,88 €

Description: The preparation is designed to reduce the pH of the finished dressing. A new composition with 70% by weight of phosphoric acid in p.a. quality makes it a means to reduce the pH with the best price / consumption ratio. The product is only for ...

Product code: JIDB-DOWN-500


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from 6,21 €

Description: JUNGLE URBAN MICRO - Contains soil microelements in chelate linkages and balanced composition of other nutrients. The composition of chelating agents used allows good absorption of microparticles and the stability of the dressing over a wider range ...

Product code: JIDB-M-250


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from 6,21 €

Description: Jungle Indabox Urban B contains everything for high flowering and increased nutrient absorption. It is always used with components A and M.

Product code: JIDB-B-250


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from 4,65 €

Description: Jungle Indabox Urban A contains everything for the healthy growth and creation of the root system of your plants with a natural source of cytokinins, vitamins and amino acids. We always use components M and B.

Product code: JIDB-A-250


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from 13,63 €

Description: JUNGLE OUTDOOR is a specially developed fertilizer for soil cultivation. Folder 2 is intended for the flowering phase.

Product code: JIDB-OUT2-1


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from 13,63 €

Description: JUNGLE OUTDOOR is a specially developed fertilizer for soil cultivation. Component 1 is intended for the growth phase.

Product code: JIDB-OUT1-1

JUNGLE Environ X

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from 35,53 €

Description: JUNGLE Environ X is a highly effective complex blooming stimulant that multiplies yield and improves product quality. It has been developed for use with JUNGLE concepts indabox URBAN and OUTDOOR.

Product code: JIDB-X-250

Manufacturer: JUNGLE indabox

BioBizz BioHeaven

from 21,83 €

Product code: bbheav250

Manufacturer: Biobizz Worldwide SL

APTUS Humic-Blast

from 6,60 €

Description: APTUS Humic-Blast is an organic soil fertility enhancer that stimulates the root system and thus assists the absorption of nutrients.

Product code: 145-50

Manufacturer: IB.ECO BV

Description: The FloraMicro fertilizer is one of the three basic ingredients of the Flora Series. It contains, in addition to macroprvkov, trace elements in chelated form.

Product code: ghflomictv05

Manufacturer: General Hydroponics

Description: Dutch Formula Grow (1) is one of the three basic ingredients, important for growth and the initial phase of flowering.

Product code: AHGRW005

Manufacturer: Advanced Hydroponics of Holland BV

Plagron Alga Bloom

from 6,99 €

Description: Plagron Alga Bloom is an organic fertilizer for the flowering period. Suitable for growing in soil.

Product code: 332-250

Manufacturer: Plagron - Bertels B.V.

Guanokalong grow

from 14,02 €

Description: Guanokalong Grow is a fertilizer of organic origin for the growing season and the first two weeks of flowering, suitable for both coconut and classical substrates.

Product code: 383-1

Manufacturer: Guanokalong - Femeg - Holland

HESI Hydro Growth

from 9,53 €

Description: Hesi Hydro Growth is a basic growth fertilizer designed for hydroponic systems.

Product code: 455-1

Manufacturer: Hesi Plantenvoeding BV

Bio Nova Micromix

from 11,28 €

Description: Bio Nova Micromix is a blend of chelated trace elements in a balanced ratio important to a variety of biological processes in the plant.

Product code: 607-250

Manufacturer: Bio Nova BV

BioBizz Root Juice

from 15,19 €

Product code: bbroot250

Manufacturer: Biobizz Worldwide SL

APTUS All-in-One Liquid

from 4,49 €

Description: APTUS All-in-One Liquid is a 100% mineral fertilizer for a growth period suitable for all growing media. It does not change its pH at different pHs, maintains a stable EC value.

Product code: 147-50

Manufacturer: IB.ECO BV

Description: ATAMI B'Cuzz Root Stimulator supports the development of the root system, helps to build a strong immune system, increases resistance to diseases and improves overall plant health.

Product code: bcroot100

Manufacturer: Atami B.V.

GHE Diamond Nectar

from 18,31 €

Description: Diamond Nectar is a natural biostimulator and serves as a supplement to fertilizers (Flora Series and One Part). It accelerates absorption of nutrients, increases resistance to disease, harvest and improves the resulting taste.

Product code: ghdiamond05

Manufacturer: General Hydroponics

GHE BioRoot Plus

from 17,53 €

Description: BioRoot Plus is a root stimulator, containing vitamins, enzymes, organic and humic acids that stimulate root mass. Suitable for all substrates, hydroponics, outdoor and indoor cultivation.

Product code: ghgoroot05

Manufacturer: General Hydroponics