Fertilizers, stimulants and other support from a wide range of world-renowned manufacturers. In this category you can choose from fertilizers suitable for peat and coconut substrates as well as hydroponic cultivation.

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Humic (GHE Diamond Black)

Humic (GHE Diamond Black)

from 14,19 € 19,98 €
Humic/Diamond Black contains humic acids. Suitable for all phases of roslin, soil and hydroponics.
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GHE Bio WormGHE Bio Worm

GHE Bio Worm

from 12,12 €
Bio Worm is a 100% natural extract of earthworm excrements. Supports growth, healthy root development, provides rich leaves, strong…
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Seaweed (GHE BioWeed)

Seaweed (GHE BioWeed)

from 12,80 € 18,28 €
Seaweed/BioWeed is a supplemental seaweed fertilizer. Supports root formation and leaf growth, as well as richer flowering and procreation.
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Root Booster (GHE BioRoot Plus)

Root Booster (GHE BioRoot Plus)

from 13,45 € 18,69 €
Root Booster/BioRoot Plus is a root stimulator, containing vitamins, enzymes, organic and humic acids that stimulate root mass. Suitable…
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GHE Bio BudGHE Bio Bud

GHE Bio Bud

from 16,26 € 19,13 €
Bio Bud is a flowering stimulant, increases metabolic activity and minerals. Suitable for all substrates and hydroponics, outdoor and…
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FinalPart (GHE Ripen)

FinalPart (GHE Ripen)

from 8,11 € 9,77 €
FinalPart is a plant nutrition that is used in the last stage of flowering the plant. Suitable for soil cultivation and hydroponics. It…
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Advanced Hydroponics MICROAdvanced Hydroponics MICRO

Advanced Hydroponics MICRO

from 9,08 € 10,09 €
The Dutch Formula Micro (3) is one of the three basic components, containing the necessary macropreads and microelements in chelated form.
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Fulvic (GHE Diamond Nectar)

Fulvic (GHE Diamond Nectar)

from 14,17 € 20,84 €
Fulvic/Diamond Nectar is a natural biostimulator and serves as a supplement to fertilizers (Flora Series and One Part). It accelerates…
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Advanced Hydroponics GROWAdvanced Hydroponics GROW

Advanced Hydroponics GROW

from 7,66 € 8,07 €
Dutch Formula Grow (1) is one of the three basic ingredients, important for growth and the initial phase of flowering.
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GHE BioSevia BloomGHE BioSevia Bloom

GHE BioSevia Bloom

from 11,68 € 13,74 €
BioSevia Bloom is an organic fertilizer for the flower phase. Suitable for hydroponics, aeroponics and soil cultivation.
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GHE BioSevia GrowGHE BioSevia Grow

GHE BioSevia Grow

from 12,27 € 14,43 €
BioSevia Grow is an organic fertilizer designed for the growth phase. Suitable for hydroponics, aeroponies and soil cultivation.
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DualPart (GHE FloraDuo) Bloom

DualPart (GHE FloraDuo) Bloom

from 8,83 € 13,58 €
DualPart Bloom is one of the two components of complete nutrition for your plants. This range of fertilizers is suitable for substrate and…