Description: Auxiliary net for plants. You can use it horizontally and vertically to support plant growth, or for creeping plants such as cucumbers, vines and so on.

Product code: P00587

Description: Dry Dryer R2.5 drying tent for gentle and effective plant drying.

Product code: SJ-DD90

Manufacturer: Secret Jardin

Table Trimmer Pro

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649,81 €

Description: Table Trimmer Pro is an electric version of a classic trimmer suitable for a large number of plants where leaves need to be removed. The engine has three speeds.

Product code: 7032

The Trimmer

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267,55 €

Description: Trimmer is used for easy removal of leaves, manual control with a handle.

Product code: 7031

Secret Jardin Green House

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13,72 €

Description: Greenhouse / Hotbed from Secret Jardin.

Product code: P00538

Manufacturer: Secret Jardin

Clonex Mist

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from 7,61 €

Description: Clonex Mist spray for mother plant and it's cuttings.

Product code: P00482-1

Scissor Fix 500ml

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20,99 €

Description: Scissor Fix - special scissor cleaner

Product code: P00480

Duck tape

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from 2,26 €

Description: Textile, durable adhesive tape, opaque and waterproof

Product code: P00475-1


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from 15,25 €

Description: The preparation for the creation of a rich root system, contains natural growth hormones, vitamins and minerals for cuttings in the form of gel.

Product code: P00473-2

ORCA - adhesive tape

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38,19 €

Description: Highly reflective, white ORCA foil tape.

Product code: P00469

Garden shears, large

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10,67 €

Description: Large garden shears suitable for thicker stems or twigs.

Product code: P00467

Purolyt - Disinfection

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from 22,90 €

Description: Disinfectant concentrate Puloryte effectively kills bacteria, viruses, mushrooms and prevents the formation of biofilms and algae.

Product code: P00466-1