Duck tape

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from 2,34 €

Description: Textile, durable adhesive tape, opaque and waterproof

Product code: P00475-1


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from 8,70 €

Description: The preparation for the creation of a rich root system, contains natural growth hormones, vitamins and minerals for cuttings in the form of gel or spray.

Product code: P00473-3

ORCA - adhesive tape

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39,71 €

Description: Highly reflective, white ORCA foil tape.

Product code: P00469

Garden shears, large

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11,09 €

Description: Large garden shears suitable for thicker stems or twigs.

Product code: P00467

Purolyt - Disinfection

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from 23,81 €

Description: Disinfectant concentrate Puloryte effectively kills bacteria, viruses, mushrooms and prevents the formation of biofilms and algae.

Product code: P00466-1

Bamboo stick

from 0,20 €

Description: Bamboo stick

Product code: 7018-60

Jack Puck mold for 2T

from 85,45 €

Description: Molds for Jack Puck, more information about dimensions in detailed description.

Product code: 7038-mk

Stimulax III

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1,95 €

Description: Stimulax III is a gel stimulator suitable for high-quality rooting of herbaceous and woody cuttings. Package Content: 100 ml.

Product code: 7004


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0,20 €

Description: Large, stable, plug-in labels made of yellow plastic that can be used again and again. With a length of 15 cm and thanks to their yellow color, they are very well visible The best way to mark their plants.

Product code: 7021

Black and white foil

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2,27 €

Description: The horticultural foil can be used as a reflective layer or against weed growth.

Product code: 7039

Marnet support net

from 5,17 €

Description: The rigid support net is suitable for supporting or holding plants in the cultivation of all climbing flowers and vegetables, such as cucumbers, beans, peas, tomatoes etc ..

Product code: 7022-5

Diamond foil

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5,17 €

Description: Diamond film reflects light in growing environments up to 50% better than standard reflective film.

Product code: 7040