from 1,56 €

Product code: 7044-1

Description: Suspended drying network suitable for drying herbs, vegetables and mushrooms. Diameter 55 cm, height 175 cm, 8 floors.

Product code: 7028

ROOT!T Heat Mat

from 34,94 €

Description: Heater under the pot.

Product code: 7009-S

Manufacturer: Root it

Description: Electronic thermostat ROOT! T, suitable especially for heating mats of this manufacturer.

Product code: 7010

Manufacturer: Root it

Aluminum bags

from 1,92 €

Description: Made of an extremely stable aluminum rubber compound. The bags can be precisely adjusted and closed again on welded open sides.

Product code: 7030-30


from 0,31 €

Description: The pipette is suitable for metering small doses of fertilizers, acids ...

Product code: 7011-3

The Trimmer

273,83 €

Description: Trimmer is used for easy removal of leaves, manual control with a handle.

Product code: 7031

Boveda 62

from 1,56 €

Product code: 7048-8

Manufacturer: Boveda USA