ProPot - textile flowerpot, square

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Description: Textile flower pots ProPot, suitable for outdoor and indoor cultivation of natural, recyclable material.

Product code: P00468-1

Ercole airpot

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Description: The construction of these pots prevents the formation of circular roots that are created in commercial pots where there is not enough room for further development of the root system. Plants located in these pots can absorb enough nutrients for better ...

Product code: 2043-2

Garland tray

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Description: Garland tanks are suitable for use as bowls in growing boxes or pots under pots for easy watering. It can also be used as a canopy or for growing carpet plants.

Product code: 2044-25


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Product code: 2045-47

Libra Box

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Description: Libra Box including Drain Cages - Hydroponic box for coconut or rockwool mats. Size: 100 x 15 x 7.5 cm

Product code: 2049