SunMaster COOL MH

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from 46,82 €

Product code: P00145-1

Manufacturer: SunMaster

Lumatek MH

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from 23,39 €

Product code: lulamp250wmh

Manufacturer: Lumatek

Lumatek 315W CMH 240V 4200K

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Description: This Lumatek 315W CMH (Ceramic Metal Halide) discharge lamp for use with the Lumatek 315W CMH electronic ballast.

Product code: 1175

Manufacturer: Lumatek

SuperPlant MH

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Description: SuperPlant MH is a high quality metal halide lamp with a spectrum suitable for the growth period. Certified by DEKRA.

Product code: 1101-150

Manufacturer: Superplant

SuperPlant CMH

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Description: CMH Superplant is a ceramic metal halide MH lamp combining halide discharge power and high pressure sodium lamps.

Product code: 1103-150

Manufacturer: Superplant