How to shop?



If you have any questions, please contact us at +420 773 900 995 or e-mail

We have tips for how easy to go through the process from picking goods to ordering them.


Someone likes to see, others know what they want.

  • If you belong to the first group, select the appropriate category of goods in the left menu until you reach the destination.

  • If you already know what you want, use the search. At the top of the page you will find a search line that will guide you to the desired goods in conjunction with your narrator.


  1. You can place the goods in the basket using the "To Cart" button.

  2. In the shopping cart you will see everything you put in - the exact name of the goods, the number of pieces (the quantity you can freely change) and the price with VAT.

  3. You will always see the complete basket contents by clicking on the basket symbol at the right of the page.


You can login as:

  1. New Customer, if you buy on for the first time - just enter your email and follow the steps in the registration.

  2. Registered customer if you have already purchased and registered on under your password. Fill in the email and password and continue with the order. In case you forgot your password, the system will send it to the e-mail you were registered with. We would like to remind customers who have registered in the old e-shop that the old registration is invalid in the new e-shop and if they are interested they can register for a new one.

  3. Purchase without registration, fill in only the delivery data. Our system will only use the data for one use.

Email serves for all communication regarding your order, so it is necessary to fill it out. The correct phone is essential for the carrier (especially GLS), so please check that there is no misprint.


Shipping cost: 

Price refers to one shipment up to 40kg, max. Perimeter length (2x width + 2x height + length) 300cm or max. Length 2m.

If the order exceeds these conditions, we will contact you individually and we will arrange for you to pay for the transport.

  Transport Cash on delivery
Česká republika  169 Kč 40 Kč
Slovensko  15 EUR 2 EUR
Maďarsko 9300 HUF 500 HUF
Polsko 120 PLN  
Německo 25 EUR  

*Other countries: The price of the transport is on request.


GLS shipping

Orders are sent through GLS, which are delivered within 24 hours of an expedition throughout the Czech Republic. Delivery of orders to Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Germany is approximately 2-3 working days after dispatch.

Personal pickup
Personal collection is possible at our Growgo store, Sokolovská 158, Prague 8, on working days from 9:00 to 18:00. We will inform you about the possibility of taking over the goods by SMS or e-mail.



This form of payment applies to personal subscriptions at the branch. In addition to ordered goods, you can choose other products that are directly available at the store.

Cash on delivery
You will pay the order when picking up the goods from the GLS courier.

Bank transfer

Before sending your order, you will pay the goods by bank transfer to our account.
Your payment information will be displayed when your order is sent. After crediting the amount to our account, we will immediately send you the goods. Please pay after payment for stock availability.


Before submitting your order, a complete summary is available to you. If all the data is correct, complete the order by pressing the "Finish Order" button.


  • You will be informed by e-mail about each step in ordering your order. All the time, you have a perfect overview of what's happening with your order and when you can expect to deliver selected goods. If you wish to change, cancel or cancel the entire order, please contact us by calling +420 773 900 995. Cancellation of the order is required before the order is delivered to the carrier.

  • Under the terms of trade, the seller has the right to cancel the order in the event of unavailability of the goods or in the case of other ordering issues. If this happens, we'll be sure to immediately inform you.