Description: Complete Set - Ultrasonic Humidifier 1-membrane, Float, Replacement membrane and Minnebler AntiSplash.

Product code: MMset1


from 3,64 €

Description: Replacement float for Mist Maker Ultrasonic Humidifier.

Product code: MMplovak1

Mist Maker

from 18,34 €

Description: Mist Maker maintains the optimum environment for cuttings, seedlings and growth during the vegetative phase of the plant cycle.

Product code: HG-09435101

Description: A small dehumidifier is suitable for small rooms or boxes. Designed for spaces up to a maximum of 15 m2. Do not give up the chance of mold, which causes too high humidity. With this compact, space-saving, low-cost installation, you can reduce the ...

Product code: CEodvm

Manufacturer: Cornwall Electronics

Humidifier Supermist

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from 36,71 €

Description: Ultrasonic humidifier for improving the ambient air. Suitable for both flora and fauna.

Product code: ZvlSM4l