Lamps - Power - 600W

Wide selection of high-pressure lamps for growing plants from proven brands. In addition to conventional HPS and MH lamps, you will also find special lamps for electronic ballasts, lamps with two burners (HPS + MH) and new CMH lamps (Ceramic Metal Halide).
-Growth lamps, thanks to the blue-white spectrum are suitable for periods of growth, cuttings and pre-cultivation. In this category you will find MH and CMH lamps.
-Combined discharge lamps are usually sodium lamps with an added component of the blue-white spectrum (usually 30%), so it is possible to use both growth and flower. In this category you will also find so-called hybrids (double-burner lamps HPS + MH).
-Flower lamps that have their bright share of light in red to yellow, which is best suited for a rich flower and procreation.

All lamps sold to us undergo an input functionality check.

A ballast is necessary for the operation of the lamp, without which the lamp will not work!