Description: Ideal for measuring EC in nutrient solutions. The EC ESSENTIALS meter has a robust and reliable design.

Product code: P00658

Description: Ideal for measuring pH in nutrient solutions. The pH ESSENTIALS meter has a robust and reliable design.

Product code: P00656

Description: The wall-mounted electronic switchboard from the MDZ series is designed for power supply, switching, regulation, heating control for both inductive and resistive loads. The device switches, switching off the socket by means of noiseless power relays ...

Product code: P00646

Bluelab Guardian monitor

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389,40 €

Description: The Bluelab Guardian monitor is a 24-hour, combined monitor for monitoring pH, EC, and topping temperatures.

Product code: BLguardian

Manufacturer: Bluelab

Description: Pocket pH meter from GIB Industries with clear LCD display and external probe.

Product code: GIBphPRO

Manufacturer: GIB Industries

Description: Milwaukee Sharp pH51 is a waterproof digital pH meter with built-in thermometer.

Product code: mwph51

Manufacturer: Milwaukee

Description: Milwaukee Sharp C66 is a waterproof digital EC meter.

Product code: mwec66

Manufacturer: Milwaukee

Milwaukee pH600

38,94 €

Description: Electronic pH meter with simple operation.

Product code: mwph600

Manufacturer: Milwaukee

Description: Electronic EC meter with simple operation and automatic temperature compensation.

Product code: mwcd611

Manufacturer: Milwaukee