Mills - Volume - 250ml

The basic principle of Mills fertilizers is to combine the most modern production processes with mineral and organic substances of the highest quality, into a narrow range of products so that their use is as simple as possible for growers and at the same time to bring above-standard results. The concentration of Mills fertilizers is really high, which is obvious from the minimum dosing of individual components in the dosing table.

What does Fertilizer Mills offer?

Organic root stimulator (Start-R), flowering enhancer (C4) and enhancer of growth of cell walls, stems, foliage, and overall resistance to metabolism (Vitalize)

Mineral base for providing the necessary elements in high concentrations (Basis A & B) and flower stimulator with essential components of phosphorus and potassium for the formation of compact and excessive flowers (Ultimate PK).

Fertilizer Mills can be used for all growing methods and systems. Due to the organic-mineral composition, it is good in recirculation systems to change the nutrient solution every week for a maximum of 10 days.

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