from 0,31 €

Description: The pipette is suitable for metering small doses of fertilizers, acids ...

Product code: 7011-3

Syringe without needle

from 0,39 €

Description: A plastic syringe without a graduated needle is suitable for measuring smaller quantities of liquid fertilizers.

Product code: 7012-5

Measuring jug

from 1,88 €

Description: The measuring jug is made of transparent plastic and fitted with a funnel and scale for easy dosing of a larger volume of liquid fertilizer.

Product code: 7013-50

Description: Manual sprinkler with spray control. Spray volume: 1 l.

Product code: 7014

Pressure sprayer

from 6,22 €

Description: Pressure sprayer with mechanical piston for pressurizing liquid inside the container.

Product code: 7015-2