Description: Biological protection against corrosive and sucking insects.

Product code: P00628-3


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Description: Natural stimulator - helps the formation of roots, supports growth and flowering.

Product code: P00625-1


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Description: Natural flowering stimulator.

Product code: P00624-1

CO2 GIB tablets

13,72 €

Description: This CO2 tablet is a highly effective product suitable for all growing media and hydroponics.

Product code: GIBT

No Mercy Gibberellic spray

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Description: Supportive Herbal Stimulator No Mercy Supply Gibberelic is a chemically made floral hormone gibberelin.

Product code: NMGS100

Manufacturer: No Mercy

No Mercy Bacterial

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Description: Biological Catalyst No Mercy Supply Bacterial is a purely natural biological catalyst that hobbyists and professional growers appreciate.

Product code: NMB50

Manufacturer: No Mercy


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Description: A high-performance stimulator for both growth and flowering.

Product code: 701-60

Manufacturer: SUPERthrive

Geni Powder

9,63 €

Description: The GENI Shooting Powder Flow Stimulator supports fast flowering and increases fruit volume.

Product code: 702

Manufacturer: geni

No Mercy CO2 Tablets 60pcs

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15,68 €

Description: CO2 No Mercy Supply CO2 is full of CO2 (carbon dioxide) and replaces expensive CO2 systems.

Product code: NMT

Manufacturer: No Mercy