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A complete 600W GrowGo KIT Lighting Kit, made up of quality components at an unbeatable price. This set will satisfy the needs of both growers and professionals. Unlike competing sets, it comes with all cabling needed for light to work, and wiring instructions.

KIT includes:

Electromagnetic ballast MARI 600w.
SuperPlant HPS 600w.
Classic Hammer shade 50x40cm with V-shaped, including socket.
Inlet cable (FLEXO) 1.2m long.
Cable for connecting the ballast with a 2.5m lamp.
Assembly instructions.

Gear MARI 600w
Electromagnetic ballast for use with HPS and MH lamps. The individual components of the ballast are mounted separately to avoid undesirable heat transfer. Easy wall or plate mounting.

SuperPlant HPS 600w
High pressure sodium lamp suitable for flower (2100 ° K chromaticity temperature) but can also be used if necessary for growth. This lamp has a luminous flux of up to 98,000 lm, ie 163 lm / W. The unique design of the burner and its attachment are a sign of not only careful processing, but also of minimal defect. Shape of lamp T46 (classic).

Hammer shade 50x40cm with V cut
A classic shade, also known as Oldschool or Hobby, made of hammered material that is capable of reflecting 90% of the light, and thanks to the scratched surface, it can also disperse it sufficiently on the illuminated surface. This shade has a V-shaped projection directly above the lamp burner, which optimally scatters the light emitted by the lamp so that the surface is evenly illuminated and does not produce the so-called "hotspot" under the lamp (instead of the lamp, which is usually below the lamp enormously illuminated).

In order for our KIT to be truly complete, we supply it together with a 1.2m long (FLEXO) power cable (FLEXO) with a straight plug for connection to the grid. To connect the ballast with the discharge lamp, a three-lane cable, 2,5 m long, is attached. The connecting cable is a so-called licna, so at both ends we have a "crimp" (sockets) to ensure reliable connection to the ballast and socket terminals. The eyepieces of the individual components are provided by the eyelets at the ends of the ground wires, which are easily screwed to the reflector and the ballast.

Supplied in a box of 60x30x29cm size.

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WARNING: This KIT contains electrical equipment that requires professional fitting by a qualified person, according to Decree No. 50/1978 Coll. on occupational safety and professional competence. The seller is not liable for damage to property or personal injury caused by improper installation or handling of these devices.

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