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Boveda: The only two-way moisture control technology in the world.
Boveda's patented bi-directional humidity control is the only technology that monitors ambient humidity and adds or removes the moisture needed to achieve accurate, relative humidity, resulting in optimal storage humidity.
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Relative Humidity - RH - 62%

Humidifying bag that holds 62% moisture in a humidor or sealable container. Each Boveda bag is calibrated to an accuracy of +/- 1% in an airtight environment. The bag is both directional, thus moisturizing and drying to 62% (+/- 1%).

Boveda works on the reverse osmosis principle, the membrane releases only pure water vapor and Boveda bags never damage anything by direct contact.

Do not use any other source of moisture together with Boveda bags to ensure proper operation.

If the bag is hard, it has lost its function and must be replaced with a new one.

Made in USA.

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