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Ferramol, granulated bait against all kinds of snails in gardens. More >>

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Ferramol slug preparation. Its active substance is the compound of iron and phosphorus - which is
also occurs in the wild with excellent efficiency.

Natural active substance: iron phosphate, which is commonly found in nature. Slugs, after ingestion of the granules, will withdraw with a feeling of saturation into their hiding places where they die. There is no excessive slime formation and the surface of the beds remains clean. Granules are rain-resistant - they swell in the rain and are even more attractive to slugs, after drying, they return to their original size.

Protection period: no protection period.

Recommended application

  • Ferramol is evenly distributed over the protected area. If the granules disappear, we regularly sprinkle them.
  • Ferramol may also be used in a garden where dogs and cats run freely - they will not harm them in accidental ingestion. If there are any granules left in the soil, it does not matter. Over time it decomposes on iron and phosphorus and serves as a fertilizer in the country.
  • Recommended amount of 5g / m2 (about 350 granules). When new slugs begin to re-start applications.
  • The best time for application is the evening when the slugs leave their daily shelters.
  • In case of a strong attack, the bait must also be placed on the neighboring beds where the snails can be withdrawn.

Efficacy: The preparation is highly effective on slugs. Against all kinds of slugs and slaves on vegetables, strawberries, ornamental plants in loose soil and under glass.
There is no excessive mucus secretion in slugs.

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