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Mineral Magic is a natural addition to basic fertilizers. It contains a great number of minerals for higher resistance to diseases and insects, strengthens plant cell structure and stimulates faster growth. Suitable for cultivation in soil substrates as well as hydroponics. More >>

Mineral Magic is a natural addition to basic fertilizers. Suitable for cultivation in soil substrates and hydroponics. Contains a large number of minerals, including silicate (dissolved in water, converted to silicic acid), a soluble form of silicone that strengthens the cellular structure of the plant, thereby helping to resist insect and insect attacks. Stabilizes EC and pH of the nutrient solution, stimulates faster growth.

Fertilizer suitable for all substrates and hydroponic systems. Recommended dosage indicated by the manufacturer for 10 l of nutrient solution 4g. For hydroponics, add to the reservoir or spray by applying it to the bottom of the plant. Apply it to the soil by spraying it down at the stems.

Enjoy in combination with the FloraSeries or OnePart series.

Note: Mineral Magic and Microorganisms

Hydroponics - Do not use Mineral Magic together with microorganisms (BM and Subculture). The silicates dissolved in water are converted to silicic acid which slows down the development of the desired cultures.

Substrate - When Mineral Magic is added to the soil in the form of powder, it promotes the growth of microorganisms and helps to create an environment for extremely strong and healthy plants.

Chemical composition and specifications (stated by the manufacturer):

Silica (SiO4) 59.6%; iron (Fe) 4.7%; magnesium (Mg) 2.5%; sulfur (S) 2% + other mineral salts

Store in the original container, store in a dark place, do not expose to frost.

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