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The basic fertilizer Metrop MR2 for the flower phase. More >>

The basic Metrop MR2 fertilizer for the flower phase, contains all the micro and macro elements needed for healthy plant development. Higher phosphorus content for lush flowering.

The quality of the input elements and the use of the chelating agent EDTA allows the plant to quickly absorb the substances contained in the fertilizer. Thanks to these properties, at the same EC value with conventional fertilizers it is possible to supply the plant with significantly more nutrition.

  • 10% nitrogen (N) for lush and healthy growth
  • 20% phosphorus (P) fraction for pale flowering and fruit volume
  • 40% potassium (K) for solid and mature flowers and fruits
  • 1.5% magnesium (Mg) to promote the synthesis of chlorophyll and proteins


40-75ml / 100l for hydroponic systems and substrates. We recommend combining it with Metrop Calgreen and Metrop Amino Root.
Due to the high density of the liquid we recommend to dispense the measuring cup.

Chemical composition and specifications:

Complex suspension of NPK fertilizer 10-40-20 with trace elements.
Total nitrogen (N) 10%, of which nitrate nitrogen (N) 9.33%, ammonium nitrogen 0.67%. Water-soluble phosphorus (P) 20%; potassium-soluble potassium (K) 40%; magnesium soluble in water (Mg) 1.5%; iron soluble in water, chelating agent EDTA, 0.175%; water-soluble manganese (Mn), EDTA chelating agent, 0.088%; water soluble copper (Cu), chelating agent EDTA, 0.088%; zinc soluble in water (Zn), chelating agent EDTA, 0.088%; boron soluble in water (B) 0.035%; water-soluble cobalt (Co), chelating agent EDTA, 0.0011%; molybdenum soluble in water (Mo) 0.0012%.

Store in the original container, do not expose to frost.

Shake before use!
Usage: Used from the third to fourth week of flowering.
When cultivating on nutrient-rich substrates, feed one to three times a week. Use hydroponic irrigation daily. Check the EC value.

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