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OSRAM PLANTASTAR with mixed spectrum, suitable for growth as well as flower. More >>

OSRAM PLANTASTAR high-pressure sodium lamp with expanded spectrum with a blue and white component, is suitable for growth and flowering.

OSRAM PLANTASTAR 250w - luminous flux 33.200lm (132.8lm / W).
OSRAM PLANTASTAR 400w - luminous flux 55.500lm (138.75lm / W).
OSRAM PLANTASTAR 600w - 90.000lm (150lm / W) luminous flux.

Color temperature 2,000 ° K.
Average life of 12,000 hours.
Socket E40.

To ensure maximum product quality, each of the lamps passes through our check-in at our shop.

This lamp is suitable for electromagnetic and electronic ballasts.

Without the ballast, the lamp can not light up!

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