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Vertimec spraying insecticide and acaricide preparation in the form of an emulsifiable concentrate intended for the control of hop hops on hops and whippers, flies and thrips including Western thrips on cucumbers, tomatoes and ornamental plants.

Active substance: Abamectin. Spider mites, drills, thrips including Western thrips and other insects as contact and stomach poison. Abamectin has limited systemic action, but is characterized by translaminar movement.
Protection period: Depending on the crop: 0 - 3dny.

Recommended application:

  • is intended for the control of whippers, thistles, and thrips, including western thrips in ornamental plants, cucumber, paprika, tomato, and strawberry mites in strawberries.
  • The product is applied by spraying or spraying in a sprayer or sprayer.
  • Preparation of the application fluid: The metered amount of the preparation is added to the tank with an application device filled to half with water, thoroughly mixed and filled to the specified volume. During the preparation of the application liquid and during application and application it is necessary to ensure efficient mixing.

Recommended for crops: Especially used for ornamental plants, cucumber tomatoes, greenhouse peppers.

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