In this category you will find a wide range of products to protect your plants. Choose between subcategories to protect against fungal diseases and pest control.

Champion 50 WG

1,73 €

Description: Contact fungicidal and bactericidal preparation in the form of water-dispersed granules for the protection of plants against fungal and bacterial diseases.

Product code: P00583

Thrips Protection Spray

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30,64 €

Description: Spray and Grow Thrips Protection Spray is designed to fight thrips.

Product code: P00113

Description: B.A.C. Plant Vitality Plus is a 100% organic product designed to prevent stress in plants, to prevent it and to dispose of ribbons - adults, larvae and eggs.

Product code: 2001-250

Manufacturer: BAC - BG products BV

Spidermite Control

from 11,69 €

Description: Spidermite Conrol is a solution for the elimination of mites, whiting and insect bites. 100% Organic - 100% Safe - 100% Effective. 100 ml. and 250 ml. are concentrated products 750 ml. in spray is ready for immediate use.

Product code: 2002-100

Manufacturer: Growth Technology Ltd.


from 3,41 €

Description: Plant protection product made only from food raw materials. 200 ml. is a concentrated product

Product code: 2003-200


from 6,48 €

Description: Ferramol, granulated bait against all kinds of snails in gardens.

Product code: 2025-200

Mospilan 20 SP

from 1,50 €

Description: Mospilan 20 SP is a new way of protecting against animal pests.

Product code: 2005-1

Nissorun 10WP

3,80 €

Description: Nissorun 10WP plant protection product. A specific whistle blower. Packed 2 x 3.5g

Product code: 2007

Stopset sticky boards

from 2,88 €

Description: The boards are used to trap harmful flying insects. The pack contains 5 pcs. glue plates 25 x 10 cm.

Product code: 2009-ž


10,31 €

Description: Samurai winner in the fight with plant pests. It sucks sucking and starving insects on vegetables, fruits, and ornamental plants.

Product code: 2010


from 8,78 €

Description: Polyversum is a biological agent against fungal diseases in plants. The pack contains 5g.

Product code: 2012

Acrobat MZ WG

2,65 €

Description: 61/5000 Acrobat MZ WG is anti-mold. The package contains 2 x 10g.

Product code: 2014

Fumer Cytrol Super SG

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7,63 €

Description: Smoke bombs destroying insects in the room. Package Content: 120g

Product code: 2020


3,80 €

Description: Discus Plant Protection Product. Expert on stuff and scab. The pack contains 2g.

Product code: 2015

Vulcan Fumer

from 7,63 €

Description: Smoke bombs Vulcan Fumer destroying insects in the room.

Product code: 2021-11

Description: Preventive spraying. Dosage: 50 ml per 1 liter. Package Content: 500 ml.

Product code: 2022

Description: Dithane DG Neotec is a broad spectrum granular fungicide with a protective effect. The package contains 2 x 10g.

Product code: 2017


3,41 €

Description: Anti-fungal agent

Product code: 2018


4,56 €

Description: Plant protection product made only from food raw materials. Gentle to healthy living conditions. It is a contact fungicide (fungal spice contact), therefore it is necessary to spraying the plant carefully (until "wash") until the beginning of the ...

Product code: 2019