Acrobat MZ WG

2,69 €

Description: 61/5000 Acrobat MZ WG is anti-mold. The package contains 2 x 10g.

Product code: 2014


3,87 €

Description: Discus Plant Protection Product. Expert on stuff and scab. The pack contains 2g.

Product code: 2015


3,32 €

Description: The proplant product is used to protect plants primarily as a soil-borne disease cleaner. The pack contains 10ml.

Product code: 2016

Description: Dithane DG Neotec is a broad spectrum granular fungicide with a protective effect. The package contains 2 x 10g.

Product code: 2017


3,48 €

Description: Anti-fungal agent

Product code: 2018


4,66 €

Description: Plant protection product made only from food raw materials. Gentle to healthy living conditions. It is a contact fungicide (fungal spice contact), therefore it is necessary to spraying the plant carefully (until "wash") until the beginning of the ...

Product code: 2019


8,94 €

Description: Polyversum is a biological agent against fungal diseases in plants. The pack contains 5g.

Product code: 2012

Kuprikol 50

1,95 €

Description: Kuprikol 50 is a traditional Czech Plant Protection Fungicide. The package contains 10g.

Product code: 2013