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Description: Ferramol, granulated bait against all kinds of snails in gardens.

Product code: 2025-200

MIG Stucco malé

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Description: MIG STUCCO - a small wing-type shade, also known as a "swallow" swarm of aluminum. Size: 66 x 55 cm

Product code: 1120

ROOT!T Heat Mat

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Description: Heater under the pot.

Product code: 7009-S

Manufacturer: Root it

Description: Electronic thermostat ROOT! T, suitable especially for heating mats of this manufacturer.

Product code: 7010

Manufacturer: Root it

Description: Ben soil pH test for soil acidity and alkalinity in the pH range 4.7 - 7.4 pH.

Product code: 4022

Plant attachment

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Description: Plastic clamp for attaching the plant body.

Product code: 7026

Description: PureAire SureAir dispenser is a device for dispersing the neutralizer into the air. The PureAire SureAir dispenser purifies the air from the odor and also increases air humidity in a short period of time, making it suitable for asthmatics and allergy ...

Product code: 6156