E27 sleeve

2,42 €

Description: E27 socket suitable for 70V lamps, low wattage energy saving light bulbs, and night-light green discharge lamps.

Product code: 1161

Description: Replaceable Adjust-A-Wing socket with adjustable distance from the reflector.

Product code: AWobjmk

Manufacturer: Adjust A-Wing

Description: Heat shield for Adjust-a-Wings Medium and Large.

Product code: AWDSpreM

Manufacturer: Adjust A-Wing

E40 socket with cable

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14,86 €

Description: E40 socket including 4m cable.

Product code: 1164

Manufacturer: Superplant

E40 sleeve

3,31 €

Description: Ceramic sleeve with E40 thread. Suitable for all kinds of lamps and energy saving light bulbs.

Product code: 1160